New Update!!!!

This is my major update after first showing this from here. 

Actually I took a month as rest, But even though I did lots of things to make it more playable.

Hard to say what I've done so far as List, but Let's try.

1. I changed world generation/progression system, now it has more stable way to generate nodes, and way better visual representation.

2. I add bunch of models to my project, and adding some level design values, usually for enemies.

3. I fixed resolution problems, changing resolution in real-time.

4. Giving visual feedback that you actually click/drag your card.

5. Adding station Node, Giving you option restore health or get a random common artifact, or remove unwanted card.

I wish to make this project really viable and playable, I really expect feedback '-'/ Thanks for read, have a good day!

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Jun 06, 2020

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